OUT NOW!!! The third single from my EP is the title track Something to Ease the Pain. It can be found anywhere you stream music. I’ve also put links on my home page that will lead you to the song as well.

I have still been working hard to build my social media following. I would love it if you would follow my pages (Facebook and Instagram), comment on my posts, let me know what you think of my music, check in daily, and share my content with your friends to help me grow. This is a big part of the music industry these days, and your following and engagement on my pages will go a long way to help me take strides in my career.

Also, my sights are now set on my next musical project. I’m writing and getting songs for my next EP. I would love some feedback on my socials on what kind of songs you would like to hear on this next record. I’m digging deep to write and record a wide content variety; love songs, sad songs, happy, summer, beach songs, party songs, hard workin’ blue collar songs. It would be great to get some input from ya’ll.

Always appreciate the support; love you guys!!


Here it is! My next single, off my first EP, is now on streaming services! If you bought my EP, you have already heard it and I hope you liked it. The song is called Lay You Down and it can be found on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and YouTube Music!

This was the first song I recorded in Nashville; a totally different studio experience than I had in Denver. However, I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it. This song takes me back about 10 years, to a weekend in Virginia Beach. It makes me think of warmer days, sunshine and the magic of the beach.

In other news, over the past couple months, I have been working on building my social media presence. Through conversations with top managers and social media gurus, we have learned that Facebook and Instagram have changed the way they distribute posts into other people’s News Feeds. Now, it is all based on the number of likes and comments a post gets. I have been posting a lot more regularly in hopes of getting more engagement from all of you so that my posts will show up on more of your friend’s and family’s News Feeds. I hope you can help me out here by encouraging your friends to like and comment on my post, follow my socials AND listen to my new music.

I would love to hear what you think of Lay You Down! Give me feedback on my social pages and share it everywhere!

Thanks for all your support!! Watch for more music in a couple months.


The new single from my first EP is here!!

To date I have released two songs, Whiskey Street and Miles on These Wheels.  They are posted on the Music link above.  If you haven’t already, please check them out!!  

In addition, I want to invite you to join My Crew (my fan club)!!  Becoming a member of My Crew puts you in a very special group of people who go the extra mile to show me their support and work alongside me as I grow my music business.  To be a member, all you have to do is sign up with your email address.  Then I will use this email list to keep in touch with you about what’s coming on the horizon; new music, videos, shows, merchandise, etc.

Home Girl is the first single from my first EP. It is available to listen to on the Music page and all streaming platforms – give it a listen today!!

I have been working hard this past year to produce my first EP and it is almost ready for the world to hear!!!  This record contains five new songs.  These songs were written by some amazing songwriters and given to me to record and release as my own.  For me it’s all about the songs and how I connect to them, and for this record I was able to connect to these five songs more than the songs I’ve been writing recently; I’m fortunate to have amazing people behind me and I’m so grateful to my producer, all the writers on these songs and their publishing companies for allowing me to record and release them on this record. 

The EP will be available for sale in the next couple weeks on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Music, and CD Baby. Soon, you will be able to purchase it on those platforms to hear it immediately. In addition to the EP being available to buy, I will be releasing all five songs from the EP, one at a time, over the course of several months to all streaming platforms for your free listening pleasure.  Stay tuned for the EP’s official release date announcement! 

The goal of my music will always be to connect with as many people as possible through the lyrics and melody of my songs.  In conjunction with this release, I’m focused on building the membership of My Crew to demonstrate to the music industry how many people like my music and support me as an artist, and to grow my social media following and interaction.  I need your help to make that happen!!!  When the songs come out, I am asking you to share it with all your friends and family, and to encourage them to sign up for My Crew on my website and follow my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Go to:  www.davidalexandermusic.com and sign up for My Crew!!  That email list will always be the first to get the new song releases!!  

In addition to sharing on Facebook and Instagram, please encourage people to listen, like and share the song on social media.  That is the only way Facebook and Instagram will present the post on your friends and family’s Newsfeeds.  Social media has changed a lot in the past 6 months, requiring activity on the posts before they will broaden the reach.  Your help is critical to getting the song in front of the masses and helping me take my career to the next level!!  

The long-term strategy is to monitor where my fans are and then book shows in those areas.  If I can’t demonstrate I have a following, this can’t happen.   I hope to be in a town near you soon but really need your help and the help of your network to make it all happen!!  

Thank you for your continued support and for joining me on this journey!!!