A Dream Driver at the Wheel

David was born in Lansing, Michigan. The son of a father with Multiple Sclerosis, David was born as the first baby in the world to be conceived to an MS patient in a specialized research study at the University of Michigan. Aside from a few of his younger years, he was raised primarily in a Lansing suburb called Okemos.

David has always been a dreamer and goal setter. Always having a vision for the future, he started out with his sights focused on following in his family’s footsteps in the military. First, dreaming of flying jets, then of becoming a Navy SEAL. His extremely competitive drive took him far in sports. David was recruited to play Division III lacrosse at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, where he first picked up a guitar while serving his time as a cadet onboard ship. This is when his dreams began to change.

Music has been influential in getting David through the best and worst of times. As a young boy he sang in school choir and at church with his parents. When sports took hold of his ambition, music helped him to focus and compete at a high level. When he fell to his darkest days, it was his guitar and his songwriting that lifted him out.

After studying songwriting online at the Berklee College of Music, David gained a deeper sense of the craft than he ever had before and also redirected his competitive drive, his ambition, his focus, and his dream towards a career as an Artist Writer in country music.

David’s focus as an artist is to connect with people who may be struggling through seasons of life and with those who are reaching for goals and dreams. Come join the journey and follow him in hot pursuit of his own goals and dreams!